We are on a mission to provide the best sustainable water transport solutions for everyone. A revolution for transport across Lake Victoria. We take our customers on a journey from the traditional wooden canoes with all their restrictions to fully serviced modern catamaran ferries.

Our model

High quality vessel building

Our ferries are self built, fast, comfortable, reliable and safe catamaran ferries with efficient fuel consumption. Designed and constructed in Kisumu, Kenya. In conjuction with award winning global experts; Dykstra Naval architects with 45+ years in commercial yacht design.

Established ferry operation

Waterbus has an established ferry operation with 4 vessels in great Kisumu region. We operate routes between islands and key road connections. We serve tens of thousands of travellers every year and that number is increasing. We play an important role in their lives by improving mobility.

Delivering impact

The strong population growth in the region sorrounding Lake Victoria has increased the need of basis infrastructure such as mobility solutions in a region where water transport infrastructure has been underdeveloped. Waterbus opens up economic activity. We facilitate better access to markets, government and healthcare facilities for communities.

Our Team

Jan Teertstra

Jan Teertstra


Malcolm Ormiston

Malcolm Ormiston


Pritt Okoth

Pritt Okoth


Jorrit Kooi

Jorrit Kooi


Annie Ng'ang'a

Annie Ng'ang'a


Our Impact


We motivate and train our employees inorder to achieve improved good quality service. Our selective quality factors are timely and friendly service. We have functional, safe and fully clean facilities.


Our vessels are safe and well maintained. We conduct our operations in compliance with applicable environmental standards and legislations.


We link together areas around Lake Victoria by providing sustainable and regular ferry service for everyone. Our unique expertise generates customer benefits.

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